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'Compassion in a Competitive World'
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                                            Massage by Marcie    


                       "Compassion in a Competitive World"    

         Encinitas: 760-822-3453       Sierra Madre: 626-277-7779        

             A friend asked me the other day, what brings me joy ?

                   My answer was , to help people get out of pain.          

Certification of Appreciation for Twenty Years of Loyal Membership with ABMP June 1st, 1991 (now 24 years )

Certified Massage Therapist CMT July 9. 1973

California Massage Therapy Council CAMTC   #17363

Incorporated Techniques into my daily work.
I completed workshops with Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons in Myofascial Pain Dysfunction. They wrote the  medical books for Myofascial Pain Dysfunction the upper and lower extremities. ( The Trigger Point Manual )They are the pioneers in this field.
I have a lot of success with my clients using this technique to help release soft tissue related to referred pain. This technique helps release tight and shortened muscles.
I also studied with Tracy Griffiths and completed Polarity Healing Arts, Polarity 1 at Life Energy Institute. Also studied with Tracy Griffiths at IPSB The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing:



                                        Module One,Two and Three 

                                    Completing 72 hours

Presented by Dr. Robert Waterman

Noegenisis means to apprehend new understanding directly from experience. This is the way of the spiritual scientist and spiritual warrior. We demystify our lives in order to reveal the mystery of life. Each module explores aspects of our journey inward into soul and outward to into graceful living.

                                       The Heart Touch Project


I took a 2-day Children's Massage Training for Children with Special Needs. And I Completed 20 hours workshop in Compassionate Touch for Seniors, Children, and Persons with AIDs or ALS. I continued to work and massage as a volunteer to a senior women through Heart Touch once a week for a year.


  July 2000                     Reiki- Level I, II, 

                                          III- Master

                                 "Compassionate Touch"



ABMP Association Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Member for over 20 years
 – Present

Villa Gardens Retirement Home
 –  (2 years 9 months)Pasadena Ca.

I was a Independent Contractor at Villa Gardens Retirement Home for two in a half years. I rented my own room at the facility and massaged clients from the ages of 69 to 100 years old. I worked in all three sections of the home. Residents, Assisting Living and their own small Hospital Recovery Section. This facility has over 300 residents.

Volunteer at Huntington Memorial Hospital

 –  (1 year 1 month)Pasadena, California

I was trained as a Pregnancy & Infant Massage Therapist by Somatic Learning Associates in La Jolla Ca. in 1995. I became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor 10/1997. I also have Volunteered for PCC ( Pasadena City College Parent Education Classes )once to twice a year since 1996 to present. I am available to work with parents individually with their baby.


Spa Manager

The Gates Salon
 –  (5 years 10 months)San Marino, California

I worked as an employee and soon became the Spa Manager. Then in 1980 became an Independent Contractor at the Gates of Spain till Aug. 1983. ( now known as "The Gates" A will respected Beauty Salon in San Marino)

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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